The School Library at Cecil Hills Public School is an exciting and dynamic place to work and learn. Students have access to plenty of reading resources, our school intranet, and the Internet which enables the children to have access to the latest information. There are computers, laptops and tablets in our library, making the library and innovative work space which supports collaboration and critical thinking skills. Our teacher librarians are highly skilled and motivated teachers who challenge student thinking and incorporating 21st Century learning skills into library sessions.

Every student is expected to borrow books to read each week which are at their ability level and interest. All students take part in the Premier's Reading Challenge and are expected to meet the targets. Book Week is held once a year and is always supported with many exciting events such as book fairs, visiting artists and a Book Character Parade every two years.


At present Cecil Hills Public School has 33 permanent classrooms. The school also has 2 portable classrooms, an administration building, library, special programs room, community hall, canteen, covered outdoor learning area and amenities. Site works include a free play area, games court and extensive landscaping.

The buildings face north to maximise comfort conditions for students and staff while minimising energy requirements. Strip lighting over major spaces maximise natural lighting while natural ventilation is encouraged by the design of the room layout and the provision of room vents.  Roof insulation and the use of switch timers also assist in energy conservation. As a water conservation measure in-ground storage tanks have been provided to collect run off water for reuse on the grounds.

Comprehensive communication cabling for voice, video and data is provided throughout the school. This provision permits comprehensive networking; internet and e-mail access for staff and students. Interactive Whiteboards have been installed in all classrooms to enhance learning and teaching, and each class has access to desktop computers and a bank of laptops and tablets.

The facilities complement and support modern teaching practise allowing for greater learning outcomes.

Classes follow integrated bi-annual stage based programs integrating Key Learning Area outcomes in a variety of contextualised, meaningful tasks, daily, weekly, fortnightly and term-long themed units.

  • The teachers at Cecil Hills Public School provide a mixture of individual and cooperative tasks to develop the whole child - physically, socially, emotionally/morally and cognitively.
  • Students at Cecil Hills Public School have access to Interactive Whiteboards which help to make learning visual and more exciting. This aids in the development of our children as they are actively engaged in lessons and completing stimulating lessons.



Cecil Hills Public School also encourages safe, exciting and innovative playgrounds for all students, equipping them with the capacity to achieve their full potential, inside and outside the classroom. 
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