Cecil Hills Public School embeds core values in school policies, programs and practices. Our values include excellence, fairness, respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity, understanding, freedom and pride. These values underpin our student welfare and wellbeing policy. To make Cecil Hills Public School a happy and safe school students demonstrate these school rules.

1. We will be in the right place at the right time. * Be punctual

* Attend in-school activities

* Toilets: no playing/no food

* Wait sensibly at canteen

2. We will co-operate with those in charge. * Show respect to teachers
  * Show respect to visitors
  * Show respect to student leaders
  * Listen and follow instructions
3. We will always be polite, courteous and considerate. * Speak respectfully
  * Behave well at school, on excursions, at sport and travelling to and from school
  * Be tolerant
  * Be kind and friendly
  * Speak without swearing or using hurtful language
  * Leave other people’s property alone
  * Look after your own belongings
  * Take care of the buildings, furniture, grounds and all property
  * No littering
4. We will act safely at all times. * Walk in covered areas of play ground
  * Walk bikes in the playground
  * Throwing of stones, sticks or any projectiles are not permitted.
  * No vigorous activities on concrete playground
  * Play games with no physical contact
  * Leave baseball bats, hard balls at home
  * Play without fighting
  * Play without threatening others
  * No school hat no play
  * Sitting in designated area before 8.20am
Leopold  Place,  
Cecil Hills NSW

  Phone: 9822 0504
Fax: 9822 0873
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