Some students in the school may require specialist help in their learning programs, perhaps because they are experiencing learning difficulties, or because they may exhibit a particular talent or talents that should be developed or they may be from a Non-English speaking background.

All class teachers cater for these students in normal lessons through differentiation. In addition, there are specialist support staff within the school who have expertise to help these students. All schools also receive equity funding. Cecil Hills Public School use our equity funding to further support student learning across the school by providing teacher support in classes.

English as a Second Language or Dialect (E.S.L./D.)

The role of the English as a Second Language/Dialect Teacher (ESL) is to support children from non-English speaking backgrounds in their development and understanding of English.  This is done through working with classroom teachers to co-operatively plan appropriate learning activities to meet the needs of individual children.

Learning and Support Teacher (LAST)

The role of the Learning and Support Teacher is to work with the classroom teachers to identify and assess children who are experiencing difficulties in literacy and numeracy.  There is also a lot of communication between these students, their parents, the school counsellor, their class teachers and the Principal in regards to the best learning needs of these students.  Sometimes the support teacher works with these children in small groups or works with them in their classroom.




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  We would like to pay our respects and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and also pay respect to Elders both past and present.

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