Cecil Hills Public School is an inclusive school that supports all national cultures and traditions. At Cecil Hills Public School, we offer our students and community a variety of programs to cater for all needs.

The school’s curriculum requirements are set by the NSW Board of Studies and the Department of Education and communities.

There are six key learning are as (KLA’s) for primary education. They are:

  1. English - including listening and speaking, reading and viewing, and writing and representing. Students are encouraged to develop their spoken and written English skills for a range of purposes.
  2. Mathematics - students study patterns and relationships. Students analyse, count and sort numbers and solve problems in the areas of Space, Measurement, Number and Working Mathematically.
  3. Science - helps students understand their environment, both natural and built by investigating, designing, making and using technology..
  4. HSIE - encourages students to study relationships between people, cultures and languages with a special focus on civics and citizenship.
  5. CAPA - students participate in the art forms of dance, drama, music and visual arts through creating and making their own work.
  6. PD/H/PE - helps students develop self esteem, social responsibility, personal fitness and the ability to make informed choices about health and lifestyle decisions.
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Cecil Hills NSW

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