The use of what we know as technology has become part of our everyday lives from mobile phones, to tablets and smart TVs. People sometimes ask me can students still learn in school without technology? The answer is probably yes, however when students were succeeding in school with little technology, schools were preparing students for life in a world where technology wasn’t part of their everyday lives. What we as adults see as technology is now second nature to our children. The reason we integrate technology into teaching and learning programs is to deepen learning, engage students and allow them to develop skills such as collaboration, self-expression and creativity; when structured properly the use of technology can deliver strong benefits and redefine teaching and learning.

We have a computer lab which is contained within our school library and consists of 20 computers which are networked for ease of use and access to a wide variety of software. Also attached to this lab is a data projector for displays and explicit teaching.

With support of our Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) we have purchased tablets so every class has access to a class set. All students in Year K – 6 take part in Computer Education lessons. Each classroom has 4 – 5 desktop computers for follow-up and individual computer lessons.

All classrooms are equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard to assist with student engagement and to optimise learning. Internet wifi connectively is available throughout the school with lessons being linked with a variety of new age online resources.

Students have access to online programs such as Mathletics which complement learning programs and consolidate Mathematics concepts.

At Cecil Hills we have a strong focus on Digital Citizenship, arming students with the skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible online.

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